Our team comprises senior creative talent from across Industrial Design, UX, Environmental Graphics, and Architecture, and is supplemented by a professional network of trusted North American fabricators.We've worked alongside -and inside- some of the world's biggest brands, designing best-in-class retail spaces across the world.We know what creates impact.
We know what drives revenue.
And we know how to win.

the next chapter in your BRAND STORY

The world is rapidly shifting, as are the needs of your customers.The role that the 'retail store' plays within the ecosystem of your brand has to adapt.By leveraging integrated brand identity strategies, classic industrial design, and next-gen digital touch-points, we enable global brands to build deeper and more resonant connections with their guests, creating dynamic, engaging spaces.
Our design process leads with innovation, but is always grounded in feasibility of execution, and the path to increased revenue.


At Satellite Design Studio, we immerse ourselves in your brand narratives,
without succumbing to the gravitational pull of corporate processes.

Deploy us as needed:
We can own projects start to finish.
But, if you only require support, we can orbit your internal design teams.
We supercharge existing creative talent and fill temporary skill gaps.

  • Store Planning/Layouts

  • Fixture Design

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Digital Experiences

  • VM & Product Storytelling

  • 3D Visualization & Animation

  • Applied Brand Strategies

  • Customer Research & Behavioural Science

founder | director

james montgomery

James Montgomery is an Industrial Design and Retail Brand Experience consultant, originally from Scotland.He formerly ran a design team within the 'Global Retail Design Innovations' department at Lululemon, helping them push the periphery of the brand and co-designing highly-publicized projects between 2017 and 2023.James founded Satellite in response to a need he saw as a corporate client:A need for an agile B2B retail design firm that merged innovative, 'blue-sky thinking' with actionable KPI-driven results.


We're currently working in stealth mode until Summer 2024.If you'd like to apply to be considered for our next client opening, tell us about your vision and goals: | +16043667563 | Pacific Time

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